About the business

This wine list features a range of interesting, high-quality and competitively priced wines, most of which you will not easily find elsewhere. All these wines have been personally selected by me, on merit, often as a result of buying trips around Europe and elsewhere. I have been supplying private and trade customers in and around Herefordshire for 30 years now, dealing only in wines that I enjoy myself. Happily, my taste seems to coincide with that of my customers, many of whom show remarkable and gratifying loyalty. I must be doing something right!

About us

Andrew Darwin is an ageing wine merchant who settled in Herefordshire in the 1970’s, for reasons he can no longer remember. However he has put down deep roots in this wonderful part of the country, and it would take a great deal to remove him now. Twenty-five years ago he met a beautiful young professional singer called Lis Priday and with great difficulty eventually persuaded her to marry him. They have 3 children, who are now more or less grown up. The Darwins live in a rambling Georgian house in sunny Kington, from where he runs his wine business while his wife runs their bed & breakfast business. Fortunately, she can occasionally be persuaded to carry out wine deliveries all over the place, while the man himself puts his feet up and reflects on the meaning of life.